Google Analytics Platform Principals

Google Analytics is an awesome tool that businesses can use to track the traffic on the website, app, or other web-connected device such as a kiosk. After watching the first set of Google Analytics training videos (Google Analytics Fundamentals), I was under the impression that I knew everything that I needed to know. I know the about filtering, the different kinds of reporting, how to create an account, and how to create goals. What more is there to learn? After watching the new videos, I quickly learned the answer to that question was, “a lot.”

Learning the platform principals of Google Analytics gives users a greater understanding of the reports you are looking at, and understand how to look at all the data provided in various ways to see a comprehensive picture of what the data is telling you. Google Analytics has a lot of customization it can offer, and having the knowledge of how to customize it can greatly improve your user experience. I think that with the knowledge of both the fundamental and platform principal knowledge, users should be able to create and maintain a successful Google Analytics account.

In my opinion, understanding the platform and the data model is going to be key for any user trying to get the most out of the software. Platform fundamentals explains in greater detail how the data is collected and reported, which I think, is one of the most important parts of Google Analytics. The program uses tracking code to collect the data from your website, and sends it directly to the Google Analytics account. One thing I found particularly interesting was the different ways data is sent from a website, a mobile app, or a different web-connected device. For a website, Google Analytics uses JavaScript to track the data. For a mobile app, you use a SDK (software development kit) to track the data. Once all the data is in your account, you can dive in to the reports, and discover how your audience is interacting with your website.

Sources: Analytics Academy Live Google Analytics Platform Principals


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