Google Adwords Exam! All about AdWords

I am currently in the process of studying for the Google AdWords fundamentals exam that I will take in the next few weeks. On May 4th, the exam changed completely. The biggest (and most disappointing) change, is that the certification is valid for only one year (which sucks compared to the two years it was valid for two weeks ago). The good news is I will be able to keep up to date on all things AdWords by studying for the exam yearly, and retaking the exam. This will be great to help my company or clients with all their AdWord needs.

Google AdWords gives businesses the option to put an ad at the top of search results whenever a Google user searches for a particular keyword. It can target the users who are searching for similar words, and the user will see a small ad at the top of the search results or ads along the side bar. The ads are always clearly labeled, and are relevant to what the searcher wants to find.

The most interesting thing about Google Adwords is how many people trust it. In reading peoples testimonials on the Google AdWords site and other sources, I noticed how many customers swear by the product. One person said her company put 90% of their advertising budget towards Google AdWords because it works so well for them. Many businesses rely on Google AdWords to make online sales, but my favorite success story I read was about a new restaurant owner and how he was able to get his restaurant’s name out using AdWords.

The restaurant owner choose to use AdWords because he could target ads at people who were looking for a restaurant. Compared to a magazine where people would probably just skim over the information, AdWords can show his ad when users WANT to hear about restaurants in the area. This offers the possibility of a higher return on his advertising costs, and in the food industry, this is particularly important because of their low profit margin. The owner’s favorite thing about AdWords is that once he set it up, he only checks it every few weeks to edit the keywords, adjust the budget, and check how his ads are performing.

As your AdWords guru, I would be able to make your company more well known, and increase the traffic to your site. Though only about 30% of users click on the AdWord ad, 100% will see it if it lands on the top of their search. After glancing over your ad, a quick recognition of the company name, and the user might continue down the list and click on one of the organic results. Even though your company didn’t get the click, your company still gets the eyes on the ad, and recognition of your company name.


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