What can I do for you as your digital marketer?

I started this blog for an introductory digital marketing class, and I have greatly enjoyed posting entries twice a week. The greatest piece of knowledge I am taking away from this class is the realization that I can combine the two areas that interest me to make a career. Digital marketing pulls from both sociology and business.

I started my college career as a sociology major, and after the realization that business was what I wanted to do with my life, I switched my major to Business Management. I know that the major you pick in college does not matter nearly as much as everyone makes it seem, but to me, it was a huge deal. Looking back, I am glad I switched- I have taken amazing courses. I probably would not have discovered how much I enjoy digital marketing (or even marketing!) without taking the basic MKGT 380 Principles of Marketing.

Sociology and digital marketing have intersections in the way that you want to get as many people to visit your company’s webpage as possible, and you do that by appealing to as many people as you possibly can. Like this article discusses, you want to look at the qualitative aspects of users visiting your site to attempt to anticipate their needs. But it really goes deeper than that according to Marcus Giesler: “The success or failure of any product, any industry, is largely a question of how these needs are culturally established and enacted.” By looking at what causes the customer to need or want the item, marketers can market the item in a way that will appeal to the most number of people.

Apple is a great example of this: Apple realized that people were not only interested in smart phones for the technology. People were interested in being seen as technologically-savvy consumers by society. Apple took this and ran with it, and is now one of the most well-known cell phone brands.

In my digital marketing class, we spent time discussing present digital marketing trends, companies who are succeeding at digital marketing, and how to use technology to see how successful a company’s digital marketing strategy is and ways to improve it. I have gotten certified in Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and (in the next week) Google AdWords! All these tools will help me see how successful a webpage is, and how to increase its success.

Long story short, this class has been better than almost every class I have ever taken at Western. As a digital marketer, I am able to run a social media campaign, how to check the success of a website, discover which version of a site is best (A/B testing!), and really, I have the ability to run my own marketing agency. The purpose to this class was to be able to exit college, and build a digital marketing company if that is something you want to do. Even though I am not ready to start my own company at this moment, I am excited about the opportunity to have a start-up in a year, or maybe in five years. Starting my own company is something I am interested in, but right now, I want to get more digital marketing experience before diving in to my own company.

I am graduating on June 13th, and currently job searching for a full-time position in the Seattle area (Bellingham maybe as well). I am particularly interested in a job in digital marketing, and also Human Resources. I am currently in the running for an HR internship at a company called Eagleview Technologies located in Bothell (my hometown!). Eagleview does all kinds of cool stuff with imaging.  After the internship, I am hoping to find a full-time non-temporary position. In the next 4-6 years, I am looking forward to going back to school to get my MBA.

Here are the overall statistics for my blog over the last three months:

  • Total words written: 12,555.
  • Total traffic achieved: 55 Views this year from 24 visitors
  • Most popular post: Creating Remarkable Content (8 views).

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